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  • The Nhow Hotel in Berlin hosted the latest edition of Hostys Connect
  • Work in progress between buyers and suppliers at Hostys Connect
  •  The rock stage created by Karim Rashid for the Nhow in Berlin, theater of the Hostys Connect panel focussed on investments and strategies in contract and hospitality business in Dubai
  •  IFDM Book Contract & Hospitality on all the tables of the Hostys Connect meetings in Berlin
  •  The rock stage created by Karim Rashid for the Nhow in Berlin, theater of the Hostys Connect panel on investments in contract, strategies and business in Dubai
  •  The three protagonists on the Hostys panel: Richard Garvey (QNB Capital), Lutz Strangemann (Land Union) and Matteo Bernocchi (H&H Procurement)
  •  During Hostys Connect match meetings

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5 DIC 2017
Quality, homogeneity and dynamism: these are the ingredients for the perfect mix of Hostys Connect, the B2B networking event dedicated to hospitality industry that took place in Berlin

63 suppliers of the hospitality industry and 70 buyers (fairly divided in designers, hotel groups and boutique facilities, developers and procurement experts) confronted each other for two days in the cozy (and a little bit naive) environments of the Nhow in Berlin, a hotel designed by the renowned Karim Rashid. The world of b2b networking is full of proposals and raising the bar of quality and making the difference were the challenges that Yumna Chabrol and Jenny Bachelot faced, with great results, by focusing on a fast and dynamic format, but above all rich in content: high-end buyers, and very selected suppliers took part in the event.

But there was more. Some choices made by the organizers added to the event ​​and determined the success of the second edition of Hostys Connect: the ability to intercept and present suppliers that cover specific market areas as well as being able to vary the group of buyers while keeping the level.

A very demanding behind the scenes work, because most of the companies present are not "the usual design brands that already invest in communication", but suppliers who work in the shadows, away from media titles (even specialized ones) and not always oriented to marketing investments.

The presence of the French branch of QNB, an important Qatar-based bank, which includes among its assets, the development of residential and luxury hospitality and of Land Union, a family company in Berlin, very active in the mid-range residential sector and owner of the 3-star Ming Hotel chain.

Scheduled meetings as well as moments of free networking alternated with rhythm, the 20 minutes dedicated to each match meeting represented the perfect measure to break the ice (when necessary) or to be practical and concrete (when the relationship was already strong).

On the morning of the last day (28th), participants were offered a mini-panel of 45 minutes (in line with B2B hours) moderated by IFDM and attended by Matteo Bernocchi (sales and marketing manager of H&H Procurement Dubai), Richard Garvey (associate director of QNB Capital) and Lutz Strangemann (founder of Land Union Group): almost an hour of discussion on the great theme of international strategic investments with an interesting focus on the business side of Dubai.

The comments on the event were very positive both from buyers and suppliers.

IFDM has collected several opinions starting from a newcomer buyer, architect Davide Cumini director of Iarchitects: "Very interesting meetings, from the beginning we have discovered companies that revealed useful for some projects we have in France"; Giovanni Fassi, who represents Tetris in Italy (and who is working on the restructuring of the St. Regis in Rome) underlined the general quality and the opportunity to discover niche producers for special projects; Matteo Bernocchi said "for our procurement activities in Dubai, discovering new companies is essential , this way we can offer customers the best in the shortest time possible, here at Hostys I discovered very specialized entrepreneurship that I didnt knew before"; Christine Borella (Parisian architect who is finishing a resort overlooking the Black Sea and 2 hotels in Paris) expressed her satisfaction with the quality of the participant companies and for discovering perfect lighting solutions for her projects.

The Fall Winter edition of IFDM Book Contract & Hospitality was media partner of the event, each participant received a copy of the publication.

Hostys Connect confirms even its position as B2B Networking, a relationship platform that follows the market, keeping an eye on its evolution and opportunities.

The 2018 edition of Hostys Connect will take place from 25 to 27 November in Sintra, Portugal.