Privacy is sacred

Petra Ruta


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14 DIC 2017
Situated about two hours from Bangkok and over looking the Gulf of Thailand, Hotel Bocage is quite unlike the rest of the local offering, which is saturated by oversized, resort-style hotels. Instead, it provides an intimate, sophisticated welcome based on privacy and exclusivity, the fruit of the work of architect Duangrit Bunnag and management company Louis T Collection

We all know that to gauge the quality of a hotel, you have to look at the quantity of added extras provided for the clientele. However, at the higher end of the market, it’s the very essence of hospitality that makes the biggest difference. It should be contained, intimate – like a home. The quality of your stay should be determined by what you feel during it, according to Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag and luxury hospitality company Louis T Collection, part of The Getz Group of Companies, for whom the new Hotel Bocage is the second property in Thailand. Opened in early 2017 in the district of Hua Hin, the hotel provides a stark contrast with the large, complex Asian hotels in the surrounding area, opting instead for a small-scale, soft approach.
The hotel’s biggest strength is its simplicity,
authentic and pure. It is an intimate haven, yet exclusive and sophisticated at the same time, where privacy is the real draw. Guests can access their rooms using nothing but a smartphone, while a hotel restaurant is not included in favour of room service and personalised dishes, allowing guests to discover the many nearby cafes and restaurants at their own discretion. For visitors wishing to explore the surrounding area, the hotel provides a personal transfer and tour service – in Mercedes Benz vehicles, no less – thanks to a partnership with Star Flag. To ensure guests are truly looked after in silent abnegation, the hotel has just six rooms ranging from 42 to 75sq m, with elegant, open-plan rooms alternating with minimal suites whose wow factor is provided by the sea view. And of course, privacy is total. Yet what really makes a stay here unforgettable is the sheer elegance of the interior furnishings, with pieces by renowned Italian brands adding personality to every space. The most obvious of these is Porro, whose practical Storage walk-in closet merges seamlessly with the rooms. Its simple structure and clean lines are presented in the dark tone of coal oak or the more neutral
hemlock ash with visible veining. In the centre of the living area stands out the contemporary bronze-effect Ferro table designed by Piero Lissoni.
An iconic Porro piece, it is made from sheet metal folded and welded into its finished form. The bedrooms feature Lissoni’s Offshore night table, with its internal drawer and storage compartment, as well as the Lipla double bed by Jean Marie Massaud, covered with fabric upholstery. Meanwhile, the white Join table by Decoma Design, with its circular table top, is crowned by Piero Lissoni’s Neve chairs and Christophe Pillet’s leather H.
Chairs, shaped like a soft shell which curves round to gently caress the human anatomy. The Modern desk with inbuilt drawer, suspended from a wall panel, is a sleek, multi-functional feature which serves as a writing desk, closed storage unit and shelf all at once. Finally, the Modern bench with stylised, blade-shaped legs completes the TV area. Joining Porro on this Thai adventure is Living Divani, who supplied the sofas, and Antoniolupi, who provided the bathroom fixtures and freestanding bathtubs.
Together, these Italian companies have created a symphony of understated luxury free from eccentricity, where clean, formal lines, practicality and stunning, contemporary design are unified by the unerring pursuit of comfort. Welcome to Hotel Bocage.